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Freedom is a length of rope. God wants you to hang yourself with it.
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3x07 - Fresh Blood

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For daringdean!
For daringdean!

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Castiel making Dean smile in season 9

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Season 9 - Nothing is worth losing you.

#i feel like sam always wanted a lil bro #and since they forgot adam in hell #cas will do just fine (via abaddonsbabe)

since they forgot adam in hell cas will do just fine

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9.18: deancas + checking on each other

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This. THIS is the Dean I adore. This. This man who makes women feel comfortable. Beautiful. Allowed to be themselves completely. Who sees a girl stuffing her mouth and thinks nothing of it, doesn’t make fun of her or make any kind of passing comment to Sam… cuz he’s stuffing his too. Dean, who tells a woman who fell in love with a “thicker” man that he understands that that extra cushioning is nice. Dean, who tells a woman who’s husband left her because he thought she was too fat, that he doesn’t deserve her.
Like, I could picture Dean cuddled up with a cute chubby girl…. like me or you or any girl regardless of her weight, he’d feed her pecan pie while snuggled up watching star trek and LotR and Game of Thrones re-runs.

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"No matter how many times we get pulled apart, there seems to be some invisible thread that slots us back to the place we belong - beside each other."

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